SME’s Get Support in Exporting to China

Irish SME support in China, Noone Casey Business News

Irish SME support in China, Noone Casey Business News

Throughout the last three decades, Irish firms have seen sales grow, relationships become stronger and awareness of Ireland increase in China year after year. The sheer size of China’s economy provides a wealth of opportunities for determined Irish companies.

There are a growing number of young professionals with significant disposable income in the major coastal cities who aspire to higher standards of living. Also, in their drive to address export markets, Chinese businesses are developing an appetite for technology, systems and infrastructure that cannot be satisfied by domestic suppliers.

Top 3 Investment Criteria

Noone Casey Top 3 Investment Criteria Management team; Exit opportunity; and Revenue potential.

Top 3 Investment Criteria

A survey amongst venture capital investors revealed the top three criteria that are used in assessing the attractiveness of a proposition. Business angel investors are probably no different. The top three criteria arising from the survey were:

  1. Management team;
  2. Exit opportunity; and
  3. Revenue potential.

Budget 2017

Framed by “New Politics”, Brexit concerns and demands for more support for the SME and start-up sector, Michael Noonan and Pascal Donohoe have delivered Budget 2017.

The general consensus is that the Budget is positive for most sectors but has taken few risks.

Should overseas artists pay tax in Ireland?

Visiting artists earning income from performances in Ireland have a tax liability under Irish tax law which requires them to file a self-assessment return. However, because they are not tax resident in this country, there are practical difficulties in enforcing that liability. In other words they do not file returns and there is no pressure from the Revenue Commissioners to file these returns and pay this tax.

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