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Should overseas artists pay tax in Ireland?

Visiting artists earning income from performances in Ireland have a tax liability under Irish tax law which requires them to file a self-assessment return. However, because they are not tax resident in this country, there are practical difficulties in enforcing that liability. In other words they do not file returns and there is no pressure from the Revenue Commissioners to file these returns and pay this tax.

Budget 2014

Welcome to the Noone Casey Budget 2014 summary.

The Minister for Finance Michael Noonan has presented the 7th Austerity Budget. This however is the 1st Budget in recent times to be noticeably pro-business and pro-job creation.
The question is however whether the 26 measures aimed at the business sector will be enough to enable Ireland grow out of the recession.
Noone Casey is offering you a free financial review to assess the key financial issues you are facing as a result of Budget 2014.

Contact Anthony Casey to arrange a review of your post- Budget 2014 financial affairs.

Our Budget 2014 Newsletter is now available to download in PDF format (660kb).

Click below to watch our Budget 2014 Highlights video.

How to reduce your tax bill

We are delighted to launch RadioNooneCasey a tax and financial initiative to save tax and structure your financial affairs efficiently. Our first podcast How to reduce your tax bill focuses on simple tax planning opportunities. If you have any questions on how to save taxes or how to structure your commercial & personal tax affairs more efficiently please contact Anthony Casey at 01 6766 476 or by email

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