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Extension of Mandatory Online Filing

From 1 June 2012 the following categories of tax payers are obliged to file their returns electronically:
• All VAT registered tax payers • Self assessed individuals claiming certain income tax exemptions (Artists Exemption, Woodlands Exemption etc) • Self assessed individuals claiming certain income retirement reliefs (RAC payments, Relief for PRSA contributions etc) • Self assessed individuals claiming certain income tax reliefs (BES relief, EII relief, Seed Capital relief , Film relief etc)
Where a taxpayer is obliged to file and pay on ROS, the penalty for failing to do so is €1,520 each time a taxpayer fails either to pay or file on-line. Where there is a genuine difficulty with filing and paying on-line, taxpayers may on application to Revenue be excluded from electronic filing.
TAX TIP: If you think you may be in a tax refund in respect of 2011, why not send in your return early and obtain your refund now!!!


Here’s a great article by Michael Arrington in TechCrunch quoting Yossi Vardi, Theodore Roosevelt & Chris Dixon on Start up entrepreneurs. If you are that start up founder, contact Noone Casey so we can walk with you.

Original article here

I’ve written many times before about the difference between a true startup founder and, well, everyone else. Israeli investor Yossi Vardi often quotes Theodore Roosevelt in a 1910 speech about “The Man In The Arena“:


Awareness of tax breaks and incentives available for start-up businesses can be the making or breaking of any new enterprise, writes accountant Anthony Casey of Noone Casey, sponsor of this news-round up, in The Sunday Business Post. 

“It is good practice for start-ups to learn as much about the tax breaks and incentives they can avail of, as the tax charges they are liable to pay,” Casey advises.


The Smart Economy may be the holy grail of economic recovery but many people appear to be going back to basics to make a crust. Bootcamp gyms are one way of making a few bob and according to The Sunday Times derelict buildings replete with punch bags, skipping ropes and bar-bells are replacing chintzy gyms with state-of-the-art treadmills.

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