The Smart Economy may be the holy grail of economic recovery but many people appear to be going back to basics to make a crust. Bootcamp gyms are one way of making a few bob and according to The Sunday Times derelict buildings replete with punch bags, skipping ropes and bar-bells are replacing chintzy gyms with state-of-the-art treadmills. Caleb and Jonathan Cairns opened Bootcamp Warehouse in a dingy site at the back of the Guinness Brewery in January and it now has 200 members, paying €35 a month for the privilege of doing push-ups in an abandoned building. “Our members like that we’re rough and ready,” Jonathan said. “People were paying for a fancy gym for a year at a time, but only 20% were staying. We are the total opposite of that.” The brothers, who are using premises left empty when the property bubble burst, are now looking at opening a second building near Google’s new headquarters in Barrow St. “Two years ago we wouldn’t have been able to afford the rent but now the developer is just happy to have someone in there,” Jonathan said. There is no mention in the article if the back-to-basics model includes showers or not.

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