“No matter how off the wall your medical treatment, it’s worth checking out if it qualifies for tax relief,” the Sunday Independent advises. “Since 2009, you can claim back a fifth of the cost of certain medical expenses in tax relief. You can claim back up to 41% tax relief on medical expenses you ran up before 2009 – as long as those expenses don’t go back more than four years.”

Laser eye surgery, in vitro fertilisation (IVF), root canal treatment, dental inlays and veneers are just some of the routines eligible for tax rebates. Others include wigs and exercise bikes, provided they are medically necessary.

Women who underwent IVF could save at least €1,400 by claiming tax relief on expenses incurred during pregnancy.  For example, if a woman underwent IVF she would likely have racked up almost €7,000 on medical fees and is entitled to claim 20% of this back as a tax rebate. New mothers should also be aware they can claim for such items as scans and consultants’ fees.

Anyone who pays PRSI is still entitled to a free dental check up once a year and a free eye test. Also, if contact lenses are required on medical grounds, a person can claim up to 50% of the cost of the lenses up to a limit of €760 after getting the necessary documentation from a doctor.

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