Is nothing sacred? Not judging by the Revenue’s decision to fine a mass card seller for failing to lodge income tax returns.

The Sunday Times delves into the story of David Hughes, a religious card wholesaler from Co Longford, who was fined €750 and appeared on the latest Revenue list of tax defaulters. His company makes pre-signed mass cards for sale in shops around the midlands.

Hughes says he should never have appeared on the list as he had paid “everything he owed” to the taxman and he had never knowingly avoided paying tax. He also threatened to take legal action against any publication that named him as a tax defaulter.

These type of cards, which are mainly signed by priests based overseas, have drawn the ire of senior Catholic clergy in Ireland, who have mounted a campaign against them. Some Irish bishops have even urged shops not to stock them.

Hughes says he will continue to distribute the cards despite the objections.

It would appear the Lord doth truly work in mysterious ways – but not the Revenue.


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