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Nov, 2010

The National Transport Authority (NTA) is planning to introduce tolls on regional roads across the country, according to The Sunday Business Post.

A plan to toll national roads was mooted in July to increase local authorities’ funding and it seems the NTA is now looking at how and where the new charges will be introduced.

“We don’t want the public transport network – and the huge and ongoing improvements and investment in the area – undermined by the use of cars,” said Gerry Murphy, the NTA chief executive. “Therefore, control measures and fiscal measures are required. Road charges are necessary to ensure smarter travel.”

However, for any hard-pressed motorist looking for a chink of light in this gloomy prognosis, Murphy also said the charges would probably have to wait until the public transport programme is completed.

Elsewhere, the newspaper reports speed camera detectors available in the North that can pick up signals from the new mobile network across the Republic are in huge demand.

Speed Camera Defence, a company based in Armagh, sold out of the products last Friday. The devices range in price from £500 to £2,000 and are illegal in the Republic but legal in the North.

It appears most of the sales in the past few weeks have been to business people, many of whom need a clean licence as part of their work.

It’s a whole new take on going North to do the Christmas shopping!

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