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Sep, 2010

Travel insurance is the financial product consumers are most likely to buy over the internet, with 56% of respondents to a Standard Life survey opting to take out cover online.

The insurer’s survey of more than 1,000 people asked if they had every purchased various kinds of insurance, investments, pensions or life cover online. Almost 25% of those surveyed said they had not used the internet to buy any of the listed financial products.

Car insurance was the second most popular online insurance financial product, with 55% opting to insure their car online. Online pensions sales, on the other hand, only attracted 3% of people.

“It’s not a surprise that pensions are the least popular online purchase,” said Brendan Barr, head of marketing with Standard Life. “Given their more complex nature, independent advice is typically needed and hopefully sought by most people. Traditionally, pensions are sold and not bought, which doesn’t make them a natural online seller. “

Travel insurance, however, “is a relatively generic and simple product to purchase electronically.”

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