Unlocked server room doors and inadequate security for sensitive information are just two of the lapses uncovered in the Revenue’s first internal audit of the protection of customers’ personal data, according to The Sunday Times.

The audit, carried out last July, found eight areas of concern:

  • Sensitive data wasn’t kept in secure cabinets
  • Certain file rooms were too easily accessible by staff
  • Server room doors were ‘left on the latch’ and not secured at all times
  • With regards to Vat-registered payments and P35s, it wasn’t easy for managers to carry out an audit trail to determine if staff were viewing files they weren’t supposed to be looking at

According to the audit, most of the issues were minor and data protection was taken very seriously. However, one member of staff had been sacked over a breach of security, another had resigned and a third had been disciplined.

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