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Jul, 2010

Knowing where you want to go is an important factor in any business – but former naval navigator Greg Delaney made it the central part of his. Delaney launched a new compact digital address system last week that maps out every location in the country with a code. The Loc8 Code, the only all-Ireland system of its type, can locate business or residential addresses to within six metres. It is reported to be more precise than conventional sat-navs and so accurate that it can offer significant fuel savings to companies that make deliveries.
“What normally happens is that a furniture van, for example, gets to a certain point and then calls you 10 times as he drives around trying to find your house,” Delaney told the Sunday Times.
The Loc8 Code, which was backed by Garmin, the satellite navigation company, and Enterprise Ireland, generated 16,000 web hits within a few days of its launch. Delaney said the main factor in trying to find support for the Loc8 Code was a clearly identified need. “When I explained the product to people, they got it.” Everybody had a story, like the person who had to stand on the road waving at the ambulance when their mother had a heart attack.”

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