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The Internet and new technologies are making some people vast fortunes – in Ireland too. In the Sunday Independent’s latest Rich List, many of the 40 new entrants have made their money in the tech sector.


The rich may not be as rich as they once were but the wealthiest 300 Irish individuals are still worth a cool €50 billion, The Sunday Independent finds.

For some unfathomable reason, the paper chooses to compare this figure with the GDP of Bulgaria to give readers the idea of its magnitude.

The two wealthiest citizens were born in India and the US, but hold Irish passports.

Ireland’s richest individual Pallonji Mistry became an Irish citizen in 2003 (his wife was born in Dublin). He is believed to be worth around €4.4 billion through his stake in the Indian conglomerate, Tata.

Second with a measly €3.9 billion is John P Grayken, a Texas-based financier who is thought to have taken up Irish citizenship in 1999.

The Sindo Rich List shows the seriously wealthy may have taken a drubbing in the last couple of years but they still have serious wealth.

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