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Tax Clearance Certificates

From 1 January 2016 all applicants registered for tax who require a Tax Clearance Certificate should apply through the eTC system on ROS or myAccount.

The only exceptions to this are:

  1. Tax Clearance Certificates required for Standards in Public Office (SIPO) purposes,
  2. non-resident applicants who have no Tax Registration Number in this State,
  3. non e-enabled applicants,
  4. non-registered voluntary bodies.

Guidelines on using the new system are available on

If you need any asistance in obtaining your Tax Clearance Certificate or in negotiating historic Revenue debt contact Anthony Casey or call  01 6766 476


Tax relief on interest on borrowings to invest in a company is given at the marginal rate of tax where the borrower is an employee/Director who has a material interest in the company i.e. greater than 5%.

An individual should therefore minimize borrowings for investments where little or no interest relief is available e.g. an investment in quoted shares.

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