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Top 5 Business Apps To Simplify Your Day

Google Docs, Slack, Revamp, Flipboard, Tiny Scanner - Top 5 Business Appd

Top 5 Business Apps To Simplify Your Day


Edit, export and view documents efficiently while you are on the go. Create new documents or edit existing files on an easy to use app that also allows you to collaborate with colleagues in the same document at the same time. You can even work offline if you need to.


Create teams and message each other, assign tasks and create deadlines. Helpful for managing multiple projects with different groups of people.


Easy and secure access to Revenue’s services to help you manage your Irish tax affairs, on the go. This also gives you access to Receipts Tracker – the easy way to record and manage receipts for your expenses.


This app brings together news, popular stories and conversations around any interest or passion. Download the app, select your interests and Flipboard will create a magazine just for you.

5. TINY SCANNER – PDF Scanner App

You will never have to worry about not being near a scanner again. Use this app to turn your smartphone into a scanner. This app also turns the scanned documents into PDF’s for safe distribution.


Veteran musical performers are in line for a windfall because of an EU extension on royalty payments by a further 20 years from 50 years currently to 70 years, The Sunday Times and The Sunday Business Post report.

Composers and lyricists currently retain copyright for their lifetimes plus 70 years after their death but performers never received the same rights. This means artists such as Dickie Rock, Brendan Bowyer and Red Hurley can all expect a revenue stream into the future.


Musicians are awaiting a European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling this week on the payment of royalties to artists for music, or music videos, played in hotel rooms. The case challenges whether or not a section of Irish copyright legislation, the 2000 Copyright and Related Rights Act, goes against an EU directive on rental and lending copyright. Section 97 of the Irish act specifically exempts hotels from paying royalties to musicians for music played in hotel rooms by guests.


Now there is no escape. Or so it would appear. The Programme for Government has proposed an end to the TV licence and its replacement with a public broadcasting charge which every household will have to pay “regardless of the device they use to access content”, The Sunday Times reports.

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