Who needs to raise income tax when you have a plethora of levies to choose from? Owners of second properties – or who even only have one property but who perhaps can’t keep up the mortgage repayments and are renting it out to someone else – have just over a week left to stump up €200 for the privilege.

And worse news is to follow for anyone who falls into this category, with a likely increase of at least 50%  to €300 being mooted in this year’s budget by Fine Gael. The Labour party is suggesting the fee should rise to €500 a year.

Anyone who fails to pay the €200 by the June 30 deadline faces a surcharge of €20 a month – a potential fine of €240 if you’re late by a year, as The Sunday Business Post points out. Failure to pay could also lead to court proceedings and prosecution.

The main properties liable to incur the fee include:

  • Private rented properties
  • Vacant properties – except unsold new homes
  • Holiday homes

If a property has been divided into apartments, the fee is levied on all units separately. Some exceptions do exist but not many.

Local authorities have already collected €23.2m this year from payments on 115,830 properties. Dublin City Council has taken in almost €4.1m – around 18% of the total overall.

The charge can be paid online at

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