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Jan, 2011

Those of us old enough to remember the furore caused by the creation of 6W will know the amount of media hot air likely to be generated later this year when the new national postal code system is scheduled to make an appearance.

The Sunday Business Post has jumped in early, with an article prefacing how the move could “throw property prices in well-heeled areas of Dublin into turmoil”.

“Dublin 4 and Dublin 6’s status as the most sought-after postal districts in the capital may be jeopardised later this year, with the introduction of postcodes nationwide,” the newspaper writes.” It may not be welcomed by some homeowners in these upmarket areas, but it is seen as a boon by estate agents and businesses alike.”

Ireland is the only country in the EU – or even the OECD – that does not have a national postcode and its introduction was first mooted in 2002. Now, it would appear the initiative is finally to become reality in 2011.

Just how the codes for around 1.7 addresses across the Republic will look has yet to be finalised but it is believed that an alphanumeric system comprising a mix of six digits and numbers is the front-runner.

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