It may not represent the kind of smart economy the government is so desperately punting as the panacea for all our economic ills but it is undeniably smart and eminently exportable.

Mario Rosenstock’s Special 1 TV puppet show has been snapped up by the BBC, following its successful airing on rival ITV during World Cup 2010. The Sunday Times reports the show will continue to be produced in Dublin and will run every second week on BBC 3 and on BBC Sports Online.

“We’ve signed up for 16, five-minute shows,” Rosenstock said. “We’re also hoping segments will bleed into other football shows on BBC such as Match of the Day 2 and Football Focus. It’s also going to be on BBC Sports Online, one of the most popular websites in the world, so the exposure will hopefully take it to new levels.”

Rosenstock is planning to add to his current list of characters, which include Jose Mourihno, Sven Goran Eriksson, Fabio Capello and Wayne Rooney, with Sam Allardyce, Harry Redknapp and Roy Keane being cited as “three men with fantastic comic potential”.

Rosenstock reportedly attended 22 meetings with RTE before it decided not to commission the show. Now the Brits have picked it up. Sound familiar, Father Ted fans?

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