Haven’t received your property valuation yet? It’s on ROS!

Revenue has advised that about 60,000 taxpayers will receive notification via ROS of their Local Property Tax (LPT) obligations. These are taxpayers who have an active ROS digital certificate. This would include taxpayers who may, for example, prepare their own VAT and/or PAYE/PRSI returns but have an adviser who deals with their income tax returns.
A letter providing information on LPT will be issued to the taxpayer’s ROS inbox. An email will be sent to the email address associated with their ROS account notifying them that correspondence has been sent to their ROS inbox. Revenue note on their website that ROS customers will be able to directly access their residential property details and their LPT Return on the on-line system via a link on their “My Services” page in ROS, without having to input a Property ID or PIN which is required by non-ROS customers.
We understand that a significant number of ROS notifications have issued and more will issue over the course of the week.

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