Food companies are now pitching in on a novel way to tackle the growing obesity crisis but it has nothing to do with a sudden Pauline conversion to social consciousness.

The Sunday Times reports the rising price of so-called ‘soft commodities’ including wheat and cocoa are leading to a reduction in the bang customers are getting for their buck. Large manufacturers such as Kraft, PepsiCo and Mars are shrinking the size of their products rather than increasing prices.

For example, at 120g rather than 140g, Cadbury’s supersized Dairy Milk bar is no longer as supersized. A carton of Tropicana orange juice is now 1.5l, down from 1.75l.

“This technique helps manufacturers cut input costs but it enables them to hold products at important price points,” the newspaper writes.

This, according to John Bason, finance director at Associated British Foods, prevents “sticker shock”, when the consumer sees a noticeably higher price on an everyday item.

So, when you’re reaching for that last Rolo or square of Galaxy, be aware it might no longer be there!


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