In one of the those ironic twists that permeate the new technology industry, Mark Zuckerberg comes across as one of the most anti-social individuals anyone would likely have encountered while in college. In an extensive profile piece in The Sunday Times the founder of Facebook, the social networking phenomenon that boasts close to 1 billion users, comes across as the archetypal uber-geek.

“Sophomore Mark Zuckerberg arrived at his dorm room in Harvard’s Kirkland House in September 2003 dragging an 8ft-long whiteboard … the computer science major began scribbling away,” the article states, drawing on accounts from former contemporaries. “He spent endless hours writing software code … sleep was never a priority. If he wasn’t at the whiteboard he was hunched over the PC at his desk in the common room, hypnotised by the screen. Beside it was a jumble of bottles and food wrappers he hadn’t bothered to throw away”.

Sounds like your average Internet start-up!

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