It looks like inveterate tweeter Ryan Tubridy has had enough of Twitter – learning the hard way it can be better for self-confidence to insulate oneself from the hoi polloi.

Apparently, Tubs has taken a virtual ear-bashing of late from the twitterati over his performances and he has told his 18,000 followers his days on the social medium are numbered because ‘it’s not worth the grief’, according to The Sunday Tribune.

Whether this is an off-the-cuff comment in the wake of some harsh criticism or an attempt to win a sympathy vote from the faithful remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, following the controversy at PriceWaterhouseCoopers that raged all of last week and did the firm’s reputation no good whatsoever, there have been warnings to companies to review their email policies.

Employers are legally liable for the actions of their employees unless they can proved they have taken steps to protect them against any type of offensive actions by staff members, a lecturer in employment and equality law told The Sunday Business Post.

“There is a very big incentive to get advice on the best policies in this area, as these offer the best protection,” said Michelle Ni Longáin. “The PwC incident highlights the need to address a culture in the workplace.”

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