Construction Industry Update

Revenue has been very active in the construction industry in recent months, with a number of contractors receiving unannounced on-site visits from Revenue. Revenue are focusing on, proper operation of eRCT, HRI (Home Renovation Incentive) and VAT Reverse Charge Systems, classification of employees and subcontractors and the correct operation of PAYE.

From January 2016, there will be a new “Revenue Site Identifier Number” (SIN) mandatory field in the Contract Notification process in the eRCT system. Each contract will require a SIN when the Contract Notification process is being completed. The SIN is a system-generated identifying number which is applied to the location or locations where relevant operations are due to take place under a particular contract. Where a Principal contractor is updating the eRCT system with details of a new contract at a new location for the first time, the system will automatically provide a “Revenue Site Identifier Number” when they enter the location of the relevant operation. When identifying the location of relevant operations, Principals will be required to enter both the Site/Project Name and the Address.

The SIN will also be provided on the Contract Notification that issues to the Sub-contractor. Once the system has generated the SIN, the Principal or Sub-contractor should only enter the SIN instead of the location, for any further updates they make to the eRCT system in respect of the same location.

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