Trinity College Dublin (TCD) is predicting its research funding will collapse over the next five years, leading to a loss of 1,000 jobs. According to a confidential report being prepared by the college and seen by The Sunday Business Post, the projected 75% fall could also adversely affect its international standing.

TCD has already seen a 50% drop in research grants over the past year alone and the report forecasts funding will fall 76% from over €103m in 2008/9 to just €24.3m in 2014/15. The document warns this flies in the face of the government’s so-called “smart economy” aspirations.

Last week innovation minister Conor Lenihan had a go at his brother Brian’s finance department over what he termed “indiscriminate” cuts to research budgets.

“The serious point here is you cannot have a smart economy without a sustained investment in research and development,” he said.

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