Cliff Hanger

Who’d have thought that a largely deserted aircraft hangar at Dublin airport would have dominated the media headlines for best part of three weeks? Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary has been dogging Hangar 6 at Dublin Airport with the ferocity of a disgruntled Rottweiler and if we are to judge by the weekend newspapers he is not finished yet. If nothing else O’Leary will wring maximum embarrassment for the Government out of this story.

Royal Visit?

The Sunday papers were uncertain about the possibility of a royal visit to the Four Courts this week. The Sunday Times suggested that diminutive rock star Prince could be on hand to fight an action by concert promoter, MCD, over his failure to turn out for a gig in Croke Park two years ago. But the Sunday Business Post indicated that he might defend his case by video link.

New Focus on Jobs

Ever heard of the “bric markets”? No, they have nothing to do with the construction industry collapse or the building bubble. They are, in fact, the fast-growing economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China and according to the Sunday Times, the IDA is to focus on them for green-field investment in a new programme to be announced next month.

My Nama Gets the Green Light

In order to sell Nama to its membership last year, the Green Party came up with a plan to establish an expert group that would help people struggling with personal or mortgage debt. The intention was that the group would issue recommendations on measures to assist people in debt arrears within a matter of months. The plan, which the Green leadership dubbed  “My Nama”, was included in the revised Programme for Government and it looks as if it is now about to get the green light.

We Are Here!

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