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Repayment of Taxes

Finance Act 2012 included an update on the rules surrounding the repayment of taxes outside a four year period. Previously claims for repayments of taxes outside a four year period, while not refundable by Revenue, would be available for offset against other tax liabilities. However Finance Act 2012 states that where a claim is lodged outside of the relevant time limit, offset against any other tax liabilities of the person is now prohibited. The only exception to this rule is in the event that Revenue applies to assess or recover tax in a period that is four years or more after the end of the year or period involved. In such a case, tax which cannot be repaid because of the application of the four year time limit but which relates to the same accounting period that is being assessed by Revenue retrospectively, will be available for offset against that liability. Taxpayers should ensure that any repayments of taxes due are claimed and received from Revenue within the relevant time limit.


As Cliff Taylor, Editor of The Sunday Business Post, notes: who needs to raise income tax when you can introduce levy after levy with the same effect? Of course, this is an old refrain readers of the Noone Casey round-up will be very familiar with. Taylor argues the Government has no choice, given the hairshirt demanded by the bailout.


JP McManus, the Switzerland-based businessman, has told The Sunday Independent his decision to live abroad had nothing to do with tax avoidance.

“I didn’t leave this country for tax purposes; I left because I wanted to set up a business abroad. I paid my taxes before I left the country in full. I didn’t leave to avoid paying tax or any future tax or anything like that,” he said.

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