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My Nama Gets the Green Light

In order to sell Nama to its membership last year, the Green Party came up with a plan to establish an expert group that would help people struggling with personal or mortgage debt. The intention was that the group would issue recommendations on measures to assist people in debt arrears within a matter of months. The plan, which the Green leadership dubbed  “My Nama”, was included in the revised Programme for Government and it looks as if it is now about to get the green light.

Taxing The Rich

It’s not much fun being a tax man these days. Who to screw is a serious question. The fat-cat population is diminishing at rapid rate. The amount of tax collected from the country’s wealthiest individuals is now a third of what it was in 2007, when the Irish property market started to collapse.

New Regulations on Tax Avoidance

Accountants, tax advisers and banks will be forced to whistle-blow on clients or potential clients involved in tax avoidance schemes under new plans being finalised by the Government. They will be automatically forced to inform the Revenue Commissioners of schemes that exploit tax loopholes and allow wealthy individuals to slash their tax bills.

Ryanair and Mary Coughlan

Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary has released a flurry of letters between himself and tanaiste Mary Coughlan that purport to chronicle how Government inaction ultimately cost Ireland 500 highly skilled jobs.

In the exchange last August published in The Sunday Independent, O’Leary claims that if Coughlan had been willing to act as mediator between Ryanair and the Dublin Airport Authority (which the airline refuses to have anything to do with), 500 aircraft maintenance jobs would have come to Dublin, instead of to Prestwick in Scotland.

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